Spa Policies

Please drop off at your scheduled appointment time. Since we are salon style and require appointments, late arrivals past 15 minutes will be asked to reschedule. We will provide you with an estimated pickup time and will contact you when your dog is ready for pickup. Kennel space is provided for up to 1 hour after your dogs grooming is completed. We ask that all dog owners pick up their dogs within 1 hour of being called. Late pickups may result in additional kenneling fees for extended stays.

For your dog’s safety, we require that all pets be current on vaccinations and must have been administered more than 48-hours after the scheduled grooming services. The 48-hour window is a safety practice to ensure that any vaccine has not caused an allergic reaction. Vaccine records can be submitted online or emailed to us at You can also bring them at the time of your appointment. Please contact us if you have any questions or if your veterinarian has provided you with a vaccine exemption.

Above all we believe in comfort over vanity and will approach matted coats as such.

Light Matting: Dogs with lightly matted coats will require additional time and therefore are subject to our dematting fee. The extra brush out time will allow the stylist to attain the desired hairstyle.

Heavy Matting: Coats in this condition cannot be dematted without putting the dog through excessive stress and will require a very short clip/shave. In the event of any dog requiring clip/shave due to heavy matting, the owner should be aware that mats are difficult to remove and skin irritation is likely to occur. Also, removing a heavily matted coat includes risks of nicks, cuts or abrasions due to warts, moles and skin folds trapped and hidden within the matts. Heavy matting may also trap moisture near the dog’s skin allowing fungus or bacteria to grow. De-matting may cause skin irritation. 

Extreme Matting: In some extreme cases, the matted coat is too close to the skin and beyond our stylist’s ability to shave/clip that close without risking severe injury. In these cases, we advise that this procedure be handled by a veterinarian.

Coat condition will be assessed by our stylist and will be discussed at consultation. Repetitive de-matting is stressful for the dog. Prevention is the best defense against matting; therefore, be sure to schedule regular grooming appointments

For the safety of your dog and others in the grooming area, dogs with fleas will immediately be given a flea bath. Additional charges for a flea bath will be applied. 

We understand our dogs are family members and will treat all animals entrusted to us as if it was our own. Your dog will be treated with kindness, patience, respect and compassion ensuring their health, safety and well being.  Your dog’s comfort and safety will always remain our priority.  We utilize the highest level of care and sanitation procedures. Our Professional Stylists follow the PPGSA Standards of care, safety and sanitation. These high safety standards ensure our stylist remained focused on your pet’s safety and comfort at all times. We will never use heated drying cages!

Payment is due at pick up. Pricing varies for each dog and is determined by breed, size, condition of coat and services requested. We can provide you with an estimate at drop off. We accept cash and credit/debit cards.

We appreciate a 24 hour advance from the scheduled appointment for any cancellations. Cancellation within 24 hours or no-shows for a scheduled appointment will result in being charged the full price of the service per pet and prepayment may be required for future services.

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